EuroVelo 13Iron Curtain Trail

9,950 km long
14 UNESCO sites
3 European seas
Experiencing the history of Europe's division!

For almost half a century, Europe was forcibly divided into East and West. EuroVelo 13 retraces this ‘Iron Curtain’, a border stretching from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. Following this route for more than 9,950 km is a living history lesson but also provides a welcome reminder of the peace and reconciliation that have followed the fall of the ‘Curtain’. As one of the longest EuroVelo route, the Iron Curtain Trail has something to offer every type of cycle tourist, from the vineyards in southern Czechia and northern Austria to the mountainous border of Bulgaria and Greece; and from the bustling ports of the Baltic States to the stark beauty of Lapland.

The Iron Curtain Trail has received significant support from the European Institutions over the years. Back in 2005, the European Parliament recognised the ‘Iron Curtain Trail’ as a model project for sustainable tourism and called upon the Member States for support. This was an initiative of Green MEP Michael Cramer who had previously established the Berlin Wall Trail in the German capital. Michael is still actively involved in the development of EuroVelo 13 – Iron Certain Trail. For more information, including a database of news articles linked to the route, please visit his website: (in German).

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